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Though I am mostly persuaded by comrade Chacon's arguments against the
Nagle article (which I haven't read) I do believe that we on the left face
a conundrum --- the social democratic model of high real wages and a strong
"social wage" created by some version of the welfare state (more generous
in Europe than in the US for sure) is unfortunately inconsistent with an
open borders reality ---

Obviously, the solution to the "push" that leads people to risk (and lose)
their lives fleeing North Africa, Middle East wars, Central Ameican death
squads and criminal gangs needs to be removed by massive revolutionary
changes in the global South ---- the US and Europe can do a lot to
ameliorate the situation --- (the US mostly does more harm than good, of

But until real wages in the world become equal with a "race to the top"
rather than a race to the bottom there will be a tension between open
borders and (global north) working class incomes ----

Pushing solidarity is important but there is no question that this reality
makes it doubly harder ...
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