Hallo, I'm new to matpower, using it for my master thesis.
I'm trying to figure out how the se program works, and running the included
test cases I noticed the following:
there is a big unbalance in active power in the network, for example in the
3 bus case there are more than 380 MW of active power in excess,
considering generation, load, and losses. How is that possible?
Another thing: modifing the load i get different results runnning the se.
Why is that? shouldn't the state estimation be based only on the input
mesurements and the topology of the network? How has the load and generator
power anything to do with the se, when not included in the mesurements?
>From what I know the power balance at each node should be a result of the
se, not part of the input data (when not as mesurements of course).
I hope I've been clear enough.
I'm using version 6.0b2
Thankyou for the help and the program.
Niccolò Citroni

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