> > Imho this thing should be cleaned up for 4.6.0, either remove numbers or
> > color names or at least fix the manpage to explain what are them, instead
> > of having examples using numbers and description using color names.
> Don't get me wrong, I'm not against fixing all you have mentioned (in
> this mail and others) - but we REALLY HAVE to release 4.6.0 as fast as
> we can - many people (like you before) still believe that 4.55 is the
> last official release, that the whole gmc-thing is still there and that
> mc is unmaintained and sucks.

I agree with you, but this documentation problem is my fault.  I
overlooked this when I was changing the documentation about syntax
highlighting.  It won't take much time to fix.

> So we should have stable 4.6.0, and then merge your patches from amc
> (some of them are quite useful) or fix color handling.
> Pavel, now that you resolved the Italian .po problem, are there any
> problems that could slow down the 4.6.0 release?

The problem was with Slovenian .po, not Italian.  If you mean the growing
help files, it was fixed before 4.6.0-pre3.

I asked GNOME translators to update the translations and I wrote that the
deadline is January 31.  I'm waiting for major bugreports until then, so
that we don't have anything like the AltGr bug in 4.6.0.

I also want to do more testing on 64-bit systems (thanks for the pointer,
by the way).  So far I only tested Debian systems on Alpha and Itanium.
I also want to do some testing on HP-UX and FreeBSD/Alpha.  I'll be
primarily interested in compile problems and warnings that indicate real

It looks like that I'll be busy next weekend, so the real release date
will be most likely Monday, February 3.

Please be assured that I do what I can to make the next release stable and
reliable.  I'm not resting - I have a lot of things to do, not all of
which are related to mc, unfortunately.  There is no specific problem that
would prevent the release.  I'm quite confident that we are one week from
the 4.6.0 release.

Pavel Roskin
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