On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 7:20 PM, Pavel Tsekov <ptse...@gmx.net> wrote:
> You might not be aware but I am (still) one of the two official MC
> maintainers.

De jure, maybe you are. De facto, the project is an orphan.

How many more times do I need to submit my patches
to get your attention?

How many millennia do we need to wait to get UTF-8 support?

Slava, how can I start committing fixes to "devel" branch
of your effort?
Basically, I need a mini-HOWTO:

1. What source control system is in use?
   (In case reader is not familiar with one,
   giove an URL to the doc, and also mention
   three most needed commands "how to check out
   the tree?", "How to update checked-out tree?" and
   "how to commit local changes to the tree?"

2. What mailing list do I need to use for posting patches
   prior to applying them to the tree?

3. Do I need to get approval from someone (as a reply
   on that list?), and can I apply the patch after that
   (IOW: do I have write access?), or do I need to hand
   the patch to someone else?

Regarding (3). MC project is in such sorry state now,
it can't possibly become worse if someone will start working
on it. At worst, the effort can be just dropped,
if the set of people with write access will prove incapable
of going decent work, and we will be back at 4.6.2 (IIRC).

So let's not get busy erecting overly restrictive rules

Regarding "stable" and "devel" branches, yes, this is a usual
practice for projects of moderate size. Let's do it that way.
Say, "stable" will have 4.7.0, 4.7.1, 4.7.2.... releases planned
with moderately simple fixes only,
and "devel" will evolve for some time to create new "stable"
4.8.x branch sometime in the future.

We need to stop talking about "great plans" and start coding.
Give me a "devel" branch to play with! :) :) :)
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