It was *YOU* destroyed that by climbing out of your deep dark tomb
and behaving like the old king coming back which everyone has to
submit to. It was you caused a lot of wasting resources (not just
computer's but also human's) for your personal crusade against
a lot of things we've done so far, without even listening to reasons
why we did this, not because you had the slightest technical argument,
but just because it didn't happen under your command.

You are making a soap opera out of my only objection, which was the
dropping of glib under poor rationale.

I have not opposed any other patch, I have merely provided some
feedback on some patches that required tuning.

And that is exactly the reason why I abondened and created my own
fork (*1) - as long as you are ruling here, I don't see the slightest
bit of common ground. (and BTW, this was one of the major reasons why
I've removed all my branches from mc.o git: I dont support dictators).

Feel free to post the logs.   You basically threw a tantrum when things
did not go the way you wanted.


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