* Miguel de Icaza <mig...@novell.com> schrieb:


> Your approach to development is "my way or the high way". The  
> consensus is that glib should stay, and even your concern about 
> using glib was addressed by pointing you to eglib and I even 
> ported mc and posted a patch to use eglib.

First of all, it's not about technical reasons for glib, it's
all about your glib fetishism, it's about having a hammer and then 
try to declare evrything as a nail to get more use for that hammer.

* you totally ignored the user's request for having a glib-free MC,
* you totally ignored that lots of the mhl-stuff had valid reasons,
  even *WITH* glib
* you totally ignored that some glib functions have issues to be 
  worked around
* you totally ignored recommendation for defering this decision 
  until eglib becomes production-ready
* you totally ignored that lots of my changes you enforced your 
  servants to revert, have *NOTHING* to do with mhl at all.

You even didn't listen to my arguments. When you came out of your
deep dark tomb, your first action was to declare that mhl must die. 
That was an declaration of war. Don't be pissed when somebody 
shoots back.

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