I agree with the sentiments expressed by Pavel Tsekov.   If you guys
have collected a new set of patches to Midnight Commander, let us get
those patches posted to the tracking software in midnight-commander.org
and discuss those changes as a community.

    Pavel is right that many forks have been created over the years,
probably about a dozen, and either the efforts have died in the worst
cases, or in the better cases, we managed to integrate the code back
into the main repository.

    The Midnight Commander development community is small and it is in
my opinion a step backwards to fragment it at this point.


> Hello Slava,
> You might not be aware but I am (still) one of the two official MC
> maintainers.
> Thursday, December 18, 2008, 2:23:07 AM, you wrote:
> > Hello, dear developers! It is no secret that the recent console manager
> > Midnight Commander stopped in its development. We do not know the
> > reasons why this is happening, but we badly want to see its further
> > development. In fact, the Midnight Commander is developing further, but
> > distributions in the form of patches, for each distribution its own set
> > of patches. In fact, there are many versions of modern MS for each
> > distribution.
> Please, cool down a bit. The various distributions usually have a set
> of patches to MC but the most important one is the UTF-8 patch. The
> rest are usually of much lesser interest.
> > Our team was formed recently, we have only just begun working on
> > Midnight Commander, we have yet to be established, the relationship
> > within the team have formed. But we are striving to become a team, which
> > will be beneficial to all fans MC (a lot of them). Already, we have
> > created assembly, which could satisfy both users of Debian/Ubuntu,
> > FreeBSD and Gentoo, and users of Red Hat Linux distributions, Open Suse,
> > MandRiva etc.
> > You may have to apologize already issued release mc-4.6.3 (actually, we
> > do not have the right to publish under that name). It is better to ask
> > forgiveness than permission..  :)
> You should have done it the proper way by trying to communicate your
> changes with official MC instead of making a yet another fork. You
> team has just formed and no one knows for how long it will last, nor
> what your aims are. Many like you have appeared in the past and soon
> lost interest in their own creation. If you are unaware of that fact
> you might want to check the archives.
> > We are a young team, we ask that you permit the continued development of
> > Midnight Commander it was under this name. Also, please refer to us the
> > files CVS repository for the preservation of history and development of
> > the names of all people, ever participated in the development mc. We
> > understand that this may be shocking request, but nevertheless, we hope
> > to receive any response - if the answer is we simply will Forque, which
> > we hope will develop further. We want to see MC very comfortable and
> > pleasant, not as it is now.
> Please, try to follow the traditional way of doing things. If you
> really want to become a MC developer, be so kind, to do it the proper
> way which means post your changes to the mailing list, discuss issues
> and so on. You don't become a project member and developer by just
> waiting for the "right" moment, appearing on the scene and taking over
> of everything.
> Best regards,
> Pavel Tsekov
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