You went light on the details, other than saying 'you totally'

* you totally ignored recommendation for defering this decision
 until eglib becomes production-ready

It is very simple.  The majority of people to not have a problem
with glib, and the size is not an issue.   You claim this is a problem
for embedded systems.

So in your mind it is better to change all the code, introduce new
bugs, introduce regressions, and introduce yet another poorly
supported, debugged and documented API for this goal.

So I proposed that you use eglib which is a lightweight version of
glib.   The rest of the community should not be held hostage to
your single needs.

Your reason for not accepting eglib over the "production-ready" does
not hold any merits, considering that eglib has actually been used
in various project in *production* compared to mhl which was merely
an atrocious hack on a branch.

"production ready" is and was merely an excuse to stall reverting the

* you totally ignored that lots of my changes you enforced your
 servants to revert, have *NOTHING* to do with mhl at all.

I have no problems with any of the other changes, and as far as we
discussed, there is no problem in keeping that code around.

I will be more than happy to keep this code.

You even didn't listen to my arguments. When you came out of your
deep dark tomb, your first action was to declare that mhl must die.
That was an declaration of war. Don't be pissed when somebody
shoots back.

Well, some of us were not in a position to participate at the time.

MHL was a poor decision, and there is really no point in debating that.

I am interested in moving forward.
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