Legal and Ethical Issues Webinars
In case you missed the ARCS and Connections to Collections Care webinars on
Legal and Ethical Issues in Collections Management they are both in the
Connecting to Collections Care Archives.

-Ethical Issues in Collections Management
-Introduction to Legal Issues in Collections Management

The last webinar in the series, “Why do we need this? Insights and
Hindsights from Deaccessioning” is schedule for May 17th at 2 pm EDT, and
will also be in the archive a few days after it airs. For more info:

RCS Mentorship Program Update
The Registrars and Collections Specialists Mentorship Program has had a
change in leadership as Jeanne Benas has stepped down and Erin McKeen has
now assumed the role of ARCS Co-Chair.  We thank Jeanne for her hard work
and support for this valuable resource.   If you are looking for a mentor,
or would like to be a mentor, you can find out more about the program here:

#ARCSConf 2017 Travel Stipends
This Friday, May 12th, is the deadline to apply for a travel stipend for
the next ARCS Conference.  These travel stipends assist registrars or
collections specialists, including students or retirees in the field, to
attend the ARCS Biennial Meeting November 3 to 5, 2017, in Vancouver,
British Columbia, CANADA.  For more information and to apply for a stipend:

Important Dates
-May 12, 2017  Deadline for #ARCSConf-Conference Travel Stipend Applications
-May 17, 2017 Connecting to Collections Care Webinar – Why Do We Need This?
Insights and Hindsights from Deaccessioning
-June 6, 2017  Next #ARCSchat on Twitter, 8-9 pm EST.
-July 10, 2017  Registration opens for Congreso ARCS in Mexico City.
-September 4, 2017  Deadline for requesting VISA letters from ARCS. For
more info please see our ‘Getting There’ page.
-October 2, 2017  #ARCSConf-Conference Registration closes.
-October 9-10, 2017  Congreso ARCS in Mexico City
-November 3-5, 2017 ARCS Conference, Vancouver, Canada
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