To throw in my two cents–
When building on the ArtBabble software for a conservation video project we had 
great success with Amazon S3s, definitely a great way to go if you’re 
self-hosting. As for the MCA website, we have been using Vimeo for distribution 
via an accessible JS player. The player is designed in our visual identity 
giving the appearance of native content, and we’ve been quite happy with 
affordability and performance (they seem to have gotten through the playback 
bugs they suffered from last year).


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       1. Re: Managing and storing video content for website (Glen Barnes)


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    Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2017 10:31:47 +1200
    From: Glen Barnes <>
    Subject: Re: [MCN-L] Managing and storing video content for website
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    So we don?t manage a museum website but we do manage 1000?s of audio and
    video clips at My Tours. We use Amazon s3
    <> for storage (Backed up to Backblaze B2
    <>) and Amazon Elastic
    Transcoder <> for
    converting the source content into different formats (streaming, HD and SD
    download, etc.).

    We also use Amazon CloudFront <>
    as the CDN to serve it all up. You can hook it all up so that as soon as
    you drop the source file into S3 the ElasticTranscoder does its thing so
    not a lot of set up required.

    Glen Barnes
    m: +64 (21) 0429 471

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    > Subject: [MCN-L] Managing and storing video content for website
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    > Hello All,
    > I'm interested to know what other institutions use in terms of managing
    > and storing video content on their websites (rather than embedding from a
    > video sharing site like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)  It seems like we can go 
    > a few different options. Are you using CDNs (Content Delivery Networks)?
    > Cloud-hosted video solutions? Self-hosted? What works best? We are using
    > Drupal.
    > Many thanks!
    > Lisa Candage Goble
    > Media Producer
    > The Frick Collection
    > 1 East 70th Street
    > New York, NY 10021
    > 212-547-6892
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