Thanks so much, all! We really appreciate the additional perspective. 

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Hi Maggie,

I'd like to echo what Amalyah said so succinctly. Mia has had a terrific 
professional relationship with Bridgeman Images in place for ~5 years now.
They represent a selection of our museum's images and primarily assist us with 
requests for commercial uses of such. We regularly provide updated photography 
to Bridgeman to ensure that our collection is represented via quality images.

We also provide hi-res images directly (and freely) for educational, scholarly, 
research, non-commercial uses, including to the museum community for exhibition 
catalogues and support, monographs, catalogues raisonné, etc. People are free 
to download images directly from our Collection website and many of our works 
in the public domain have been shared openly elsewhere on the web (Wikimedia 
Commons for ex.).

As Amalyah mentions, image licensing can coexist with open access policies, and 
the revenue source is indeed helpful.

Best regards,

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I've worked very successfully with Bridgeman for years. They are professional, 
friendly, and scrupulously copyright-conscious.

I suggest you contact them, explain the situation, get their side of the story, 
and yes definitely offer to provide better subsitute images.  This will most 
likely lead to their offering to set up a contractual arrangement to represent 
your museum's images, sharing revenue, and I can definitely recommend doing so. 
 It's a very comfortable additional revenue source. You can take it and develop 
the relationship from there.

n.b.  Image files -- the tools that are in demand for high-quality printing
-- can be provided, licensed, sold precisely as such: as high quality digital 
files.  This is separate from the underlying work of art that appears in the 
file; that work of art can be protected by copyright or it can be in the 
publilc domain.  Logically, the value or price of the tool/file is separate 
from that of the artist's copyright clearance, which may or not apply.  
Bridgeman takes care of clearing artists' copyrights if that part of the 
equation applies.  They also represent a large number of

Good luck!

*Amalyah Keshet *
*Image Resources and Copyright Management, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

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