I am trying to deploy an application. If I run puppet agent manually by 
logging in to that agent machine, everything works fine, But when I run 
"mco puppet runonce -I hostname" from my puppet server deployment fails. 
This happens because my application reads "user.name" property from system 

When I manually run puppet agent, agent facts are correctly set.
 id => WORKGROUP\ranger_win7
      identity => {"privileged"=>"true", "user"=>"WORKGROUP\\ranger_win7"}

But when I run agent using mcollective, above facts changes to following.
      identity => {"privileged"=>"true", "user"=>"WORKGROUP\\RANGER_WIN7$"}

so when application reads user.name , its getting user name as 
"RANGER_WIN7$" which is wrong.

Any one has clue why this is happening?


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