You can use the PowerShell command to deploy a customized start menu .xml 
before the user logs on again for the first time after the upgrade.

Import-StartLayout -LayoutPath .\ Win10.xml -MountPath C:\

Jeff Jerousek<>

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Behalf Of Trond Karstensen
Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2016 5:20 AM
Subject: [MDT-OSD] Windows 10 Custom Start Menu & InPlaceUpgrade


On Windows 10 projects we are usually deploying a customized Windows 10 Start 
Menu when deploying new computers.
This works very well for new computers (using dism and importing the xml file).

Is there a way to apply a custom start menu when doing in-place-upgrade ?
By using dism it will only apply the custom start menu to new profiles, so not 
very useful when profiles are migrated by the migration process.
I know you can enforce a start menu by Group Policy, but then users will not be 
able to customize the start menu so that is not a good option.


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