Hey Sigbert

In your extension.json have something like
        "callback": "Iframe::onRegistration",

You should also register your config variables in extension.json. For instance:
        "config": {
                "IFrameExternalJSONFile": false,
                "IFrameDifferentSetting": 42

The callback is executed during the setup process, after the LocalSettings has 
been processed in total. It is not called directly when 
wfLoadExtension('Iframe') is called. So you can add your setting after the 
        $wgIFrameExternalJSONFile = __DIR__ . '/nice.json';

Inside the onRegistration() method, you can either use $GLOBALS or use the 
ConfigFactory to access the setting:
$json = $GLOBALS['wgIFrameExternalJSONFile']

$configFactory = MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getConfigFactory();
$configFactory->register( 'IFrame', 'GlobalVarConfig::newInstance' );   // this 
is necessary due to a bug in the extension registration process, see [0]
$myConfig = $configFactory->makeConfig(  'Iframe' );
$json = $myConfig->get( 'IFrameExternalJSONFile' )

I know, the use of the config factory looks like a little bit of an overkill, 
however since mw wants to steer away from using globals, this is the safer way 
to go.

[0]: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T184837

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> Betreff: [MediaWiki-l] extension.json, onRegistration
> Hi,
> for my Iframe extension I need to load some data. Since the data come from
> a file I did not put it into extension.json, but I defined in my class a 
> function
> onRegistration with sets a global variable.
> However, it turned out that in LocalSettings.php I can not set the global
> variable (after calling wfLoadExtesnion('Iframe') ), var_dump delivers NULL
> rather than my file data.
> Question: where I have to put the reading of my file data (if not into
> onRegistration) ?
> Thanks Sigbert
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