Thank you Amanda, Stephan and in particular Sam for your replies.

I've decided to install MsUpload due to its integration with the editor and
the possibility to upload something directly into a specific page: this is
quite a valuable feature given the broad range of computer literacy of my

There seem to be some slight issues due to the interaction between the
Language Selector, MsUpload and the browser's cache perhaps, so that
switching between languages sometimes doesn't display MsUpload's features.
It also doesn't doesn't display the Wikitext/Source/Changes tabs of the
WikiEditor though, so there might be a deeper issue there. But after some
language changes and some reloading everything eventually pops up. And I
hope I'm the only person that notices it: most of my users will never
switch languages I imagine.

Again, thank you all for the suggestions. I felt I had a good excuse to
learn to write Extension but now I can procrastinate on it: yay! =D

Have a good day everybody!


On 12 March 2018 at 00:27, Emanuele D'Arrigo <> wrote:

> Greetings everybody,
> I am the administrator of a private mediawiki installation for my
> neighborhood - about 170 inhabitants.
> Apparently one of the limits to adoption of the wiki is the cumbersome
> file upload process. I have installed Upload Wizard and customized the
> licensing options available to have the bare minimum but the multi-step
> process is still criticized. Just being forced by the UI to add a
> description to each file is apparently is too much.
> I therefore have to write our very own, supersimplified upload page.
> I'll obviously have to learn how to write Extensions and then I'll be able
> to have a look at the code of the Upload Wizard for inspiration. Are there
> any additional source of information on this topic that you'd recommend?
> Kind regards,
> Manu

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