Oooo, I get to disagree with Marshall...
  When I had my 300TD with a blown headgasket if I left the pressure cap in 
place without running the car for two or three days #1 cylinder would fill with 
water and the engine wouldn't crank. We just drove without the presure cap on 
tight. Got away with that for months before I got Hammie.
  Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 15:11:12 -0500
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Brian Chase wrote:
> I was reminded that what may be ailing my engine (240d) is a blown 
> gasket.
> If that's the case, (typically speaking) is the engine in need of an 
> overhaul, or can the cylinder(s) affected be repaired in-car? I'm 
> assuming coolant in the cylinder and perhaps some pitting?

A blown head gasket (relatively rare) is almost always replaced with 
engine in the car. Usually/often the timing chain is replaced as well 
(unless it's relatively new).

Why do you think the head gasket is blown??? A blown head gasket WON'T 
usually cause an engine to seize unless you allow it to run until the 
engine to overheat excessively - and if you do that, a LOT more than 
head gasket will need to be replaced before the engine will run again.

   Marshall Booth (who doesn't respond to unsigned questions)
       "der Dieseling Doktor" [EMAIL PROTECTED]
'87 300TD 182Kmi, '84 190D 2.2 229Kmi, '85 190D 2.0 161Kmi, '87 190D 
turbo 237kmi

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