rumor has it that Tom wrote:

> car is a 1977 300D.  Been about 50k miles a little over a year since I 
> changed out speedo cable.
> Got in car this morn and going down road noticed nothing happened.  No 
> speed, no trip odometer (tried zeroing in) movement, no main mileage 
> odometer movement.  This was right after starting the vehicle.  We had a 
> wicked yankee clipper come through  yesterday so I figured maybe things 
> froze up.  Got the cabin nice and toasty and ran the piss out of the car on 
> the express way for about 15 miles.  No go.
> Symptoms seem to indicate speedo cable.  Do they only last 50k miles.  Last 
> time I did the cable I had the odometer sent off to have serviced.  Any 
> thoughts please.

My experience is that a cable will make noise or cause the speedometer
to jump a _lot_ before it quits altgether.

So I'd check both end and make sure it didn't just become disconnected. 

              Philip, do the easy stuff first!

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