I got the new front brake rotors and calipers/pads on the 84 SD, spent like an hour bleeding the system, putting in new DOT4 fluid. Went around 3 times sucking fluid with the MityVac, was getting a tiny bit of air but it seemed mostly to be leaking around the bleeder threads (I did wrap them all with some teflon tape to try to seal better) or my bleeder hose (which seems to fit fairly tightly). I was not getting much air on the final bleed. The pedal seemed pretty hard, but when I went out to bed in the pads, the pedal was getting a little soft and going down slowly as I held it, so it appears there is still some air in there.

Question: how do I get that last bit of air out? I have been successful on the other SD and the TD but this thing seems to be intransigent. Should I go around again and suck out more fluid? Or should I make a pressure cap to do a pressure bleed?

Ideas welcomed, I don't want to loose my break petal!


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