Kaleb -
you would probably be better off with a '90 or '91 126 Diesel rather than an early 140, as the bigger car will cost more to maintain and operate, IMO. Our past section president here has an mid year S500, and has put a lot of $$$ into repairing the self-leveling suspension. Its fast, yes, but fuel economy isn't good. As for bent rods, most of the stories I've seen is that if you either get past 150k miles, or have a factory reman engine, you'll probably be OK with the 3.5.
Didn't I see a nice 126 3.5 on the list last week?


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How many folks here have a 3.5 in a 140, well, or a 126?  Bent rods?
Thinking about looking for another 140 in the near future and am really
concidering a 3.5 and risking the rods bending.  If not that I would
either go with the next economical choice of a 320 with the 104 or most
likely all out with a 500.  Anybody got a 500 and if so what sort of
mileage do you get?  Probably better off going this route over the
diesel anyways.
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