Desert Rat wrote:
Kaleb, my 92 500SEL gets about 15 city and 20 highway with A/C
running. Have seen high as 23 on 300 mile trip at 60 mph on back

With diesel about .12 more than premium right now, it's probably a
push as repects fuel economy. I do "blend" my fuel and rotate half
tank fill-ups between mid and premium fuel. No adverse effects.

With the exception of the door closing system ($600.00), there is
nothing unique or costly about the W140 chassis as compared to other
mid 90's MB's.

Replacing the wiring harness or AC evaporator on a 140 WILL be more expensive than on a 124!!

          Marshall Booth (who doesn't respond to unsigned questions)
      "der Dieseling Doktor" [EMAIL PROTECTED]
'87 300TD 182Kmi, '84 190D 2.2 229Kmi, '85 190D 2.0 161Kmi, '87 190D 2.5 turbo 237kmi

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