I'd say your fuel delivery/injection system is screwed up.

Don - just trying to be helpful   ;-)

On 1/8/06, Kaleb C. Striplin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Well I replaced the fuel filter on the 85 380 with the 5.0 euro, didnt
> seem to make a different.  I unhooked the exhaust at the manifold and it
> didnt seem to make a different.  Hooked the exhaust back up and now it
> seems fine.  Took it for a spin, doenst seem to have quite as much power
> as before, almost like a US 5.0.  Anyways, what I did notice is that
> full pedal down, economy guage all the way in the red, x amount of
> power.  IF you let up off the pedal slightly, economy guage moves
> slighly off full red and you have more power.  Can tell a definate
> difference.  What does this indicate?

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