Yeah well I am in the market for a test kit.
The cheapest I have found in Oz is about AU$600 On ebay there are several overseas but none in Oz, the cheapest is this one in Ohio ebay number: 4602349480 however if you want to test a broader range then this one is better ebay num: 4601165793
Of course if a mate lends you his/hers then it will work out even cheaper.
Oh yeah just in case someone is wondering what a bar is, a bar is 100kpa. One bar is about 14.5psi.


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David Brodbeck wrote:
Yes!  Get a gauge.  You really can't troubleshoot K-Jet without one.  If
I remember right, to do all the tests you need a set that includes a
gauge, a valve, and fittings that replace banjo bolts and give you
places to connect the gauge hoses.

I made two of them 20 years ago when I worked for a Saab Indy. My boss
let me take the fittings from some parts cars, and I bought the gauges,
valves and lines. Cost about $25 total, getting the Bosch parts for free
and the rest at wholesale. I think the Bosch service tool was about $80
back then, slightly cheaper than an injector pop tester. When my old boss
died, I should have gone to his estate sale and bought the other one. I
can't guarantee the Saab fittings on mine are right for the 500, but it
seems feasible.

BTW, it is my opinion that the warm-up regulator is the most troublesome
part on K-jet systems I've dealt with. (on Saabs and Rabbits)

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