Went down and followed the block heater cord, pulled the thingie off and, whoa its shredded. I'm amazed it ever worked, in fact I'm sort of amazed it didn't start a fire! This is beyond shoe-goo and tape, its dead Jim. (like that one?)

  So its off to Rusty's site to order me up a new one.

Of course you measured the resistance of the heating element
itself to make sure you're not ordering a new cord for a
dead heater, right?  Also you checked that the mating pins
in the element are in decent shape so that the new cord will
mate well, right?  I gots to ask!

If the end that plugs into the heater is ruined then it is
time to buy a new cord, otherwise it could probably be repaired.
This is why it's important to tie-wrap the new cord to something
stout so that a drive-off will rip the plug end off rather than
ruin the heater end.  Then it's just a simple hardware-store
repair rather than new cord (and wait) time.

-- Jim

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