start with a leaf blower and work down from there.

At least you had a decent tail wind through our valley yesterday!

Next time you make that trip, give a shout out and we'll have a
mini-fest or at least a cup of coffee along I-10.

On 1/17/06, Bob Rentfro <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Went to Cal yeaterday to get the Beetle (daughter child is off to the U.K.). 
> Drove the 300D over and SHMBO and the boy-child, with his bright, shiny new 
> permit, followed me back.  They got 48mpg, I got 22mpg.
> The Bug is retchingly gross dirty. I can't describe it. She is going to get 
> the riot act read to her when she returns...and, unless I cool off a bit by 
> then, she may not even get the car back.
> Right now I'm fighting the urge to just take this rolling dump to someone and 
> let them detail it. However, I'm sure I should just do it myself.
> So then...what is the best:
> carpet cleaner
> upolstery cleaner
> any other detailing helps/tricks/stuff.
> Thanks
> Bob Rentfro
> '77 300D 148K
> '01 VW Beetle TDI 61K (grodiest car in the whole this time)
> Litchfield Park, AZ
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John Freer
Palm Springs, CA
1992 500 SEL 140K "Stardust"
1985 380SL 145K "Blue Belle"

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