Around here in Houston we have a large population of entrepreneurial "undocumented visitors" who do this kind of stuff for cheap, set themselves up at corners and shopping center lots and such with water tanks and power sprayers and cleaning supplies. In Arizona I think you might also have this "resource" you could draw on, and save yourself a lot of effort while also directly contributing to the economic development of countries south of us, without first filtering your money through the gummint. Then again, you might not want to encourage/participate in this sort of direct foreign aid, so in that case get a wet/dry vac and those products you mention. I use the green/orange cleaner diluted in a spray bottle, the orange leaves a nice smell, seems to do all the surfaces OK. The vac gets the stuff out of the carpet/cloth nicely once you spray the cleaner in there. Then lots of rags and warm rinse water.


Bob Rentfro wrote:

Went to Cal yeaterday to get the Beetle (daughter child is off to the U.K.). 
Drove the 300D over and SHMBO and the boy-child, with his bright, shiny new 
permit, followed me back.  They got 48mpg, I got 22mpg.
The Bug is retchingly gross dirty. I can't describe it. She is going to get the 
riot act read to her when she returns...and, unless I cool off a bit by then, 
she may not even get the car back.
Right now I'm fighting the urge to just take this rolling dump to someone and 
let them detail it. However, I'm sure I should just do it myself.
So then...what is the best:
carpet cleaner
upolstery cleaner
any other detailing helps/tricks/stuff.


Bob Rentfro
'77 300D 148K
'01 VW Beetle TDI 61K (grodiest car in the whole this time)
Litchfield Park, AZ _______________________________________
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