Changing the fuel filter is a pain because the large feed hose has to be clamped but there will still be a little bit of fuel escape all over your arm. There should also be a screen in the tank itself which can block up. There should be small screens within the fuel system itself (there are on the K-jetronic) that can block up. Far as the oil goes, if you give the filter a chance to drain there should not be oil come out of it but change the filter reguarly because they are fairly small for the size of the motor and I know the earlier cannister types (in the M102) where quite inadequate. Also if you plan on keeping the car for a while get the best filters available, that is not an area to save money.


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The fuel filter is probably under the rear of the car, by the right
rear tire, behind a plastic panel. At least that's where the fuel
pumps and filter are hidden on all 124 gassers. The M103 oil filter is
awful, it's a spin-on at the rear of the engine. Removing the air
filter allows better access. It's mounted upside down, so when you
remove it, you'll get a half-pint of oil spilled down the block,
making a nice mess... every time. I much prefer the diesel, and M119
(V8) gas, cartridge filters which can be changed with zero spillage.
If you think the diesel oil fiter change is a pain, you'll looove the
M103, heh-heh. Stick with the OEM filters from Rusty, of course, or
perhaps the K&N (my favorite non-OEM spin-on oil filter.)



Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 13:59:15 -0600
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Subject: [MBZ] Maintenance items on 126 -- M103

I will be flying out to Tampa this Friday for my Rendezvous with my new
car.  The seller is meeting me at the airport. He will have title in
hand and I will have check to present to him.  Here's is my question.
Where is the fuel filter on a M103?  Is it as easy to change as on the
diesels - i.e. spin on?  The spark plugs are probably fairly accessible
given the fact that it is a straight six.  Any weird maintenance quirks
I need to know about the M103 or the 126?  Things like coolant flushes,
power steering fluid changes, transmission fluid changes, and brakes
will be fairly standard, so I won't have to (get to) learn anything new
about that.   I just thought about it, I have no idea where the oil
filter is? Is it as much of a pain as on the 123/124 diesels?   Any
thoughts would be great?

Donald H. Snook

1990 300SEL 122K arriving soon

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