Brian Chase wrote:
Okay, then I think the question here becomes: How much did you pay, Marshall? Perhaps the price I paid for the cylinder ($85) was not the price for a cyl. and a key. I thought the list had told me in the past that I'd be looking at some $120 for a cylinder and key (coded to my VIN).

Not trying to kick at a dead horse, just trying to find out if my dealer rep screwed up and is trying to cover himself. If all is as it should be, I'll be satisfied.

Prices have gone up at LEAST several times since I bought the most recent one of mine, but the cost of the tumbler AND key was about 4X the cost of a key alone.

Dealers are NOT required to sell parts at the suggested list price that Mercedes publishes and many mark them up 25-100% above "list." They can choose to sell them for whatever they can get for them. When there is NO competition, some go crazy. When there were 5 Mercedes dealers within the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, prices were quite respectable and you could bargain. Now there is not a single Mercedes dealer in Allegheny county (Pittsburgh and 128 other municipalities comprise All'y Co) with the 4 surrounding dealerships 20-40 miles outside the city and all of them change list+ for parts.

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