Wow, a friend of mine used to have a 2-door Granada inline 6 with a 4-speed
stick.  Jeez, that thing was indeed horrid.  The gearing was very short 1st
and 2nd, then HUUUUGE jump to 3rd - O/D was similarly spaced to 3rd (i.e,
short).  So, acceleration went like 11111222222 (now going 35 or maybe 40 or
so, tops) and then
4444444444444444444444444444 now we are going 63 or so.  Ugh.

Oh, and the Dodge with the Mercedes numbers on the back was a K-car.  Better
- they even mimicked the Mercedes style of having the gauge needles point
every which way instead of generally moving around together.  Same friend's
family managed to have one of these for awhile, too.


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> > And regarding the Granada, I vaguely remember the ad campaign that 
> > called it something like "A European luxury sedan at an American 
> > price."
> A steaming POS.  We had one, for which my dad sold our '65 
> Mercury Park Lane.  The Merc was an American luxury car, and 
> the first time I rode in the Granada I thought it was broken. 
> Incredibly noisy when compared to the Merc.  I think that 
> Merc had a 390 in it.  I know it was pretty fast, and got 
> sucky gas mileage.  So, in fact, did the Granada.  Just about 
> the same mileage but without any of the acceleration.  
> Handled worse in the snow, too, and was less roomy.
> -- Jim

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