The fluid is DOT-3, almost exactly one year old. Perhaps I'll switch it out on next days off with DOT-4. Do I have to be super diligent and get all traces of DOT-3 out before DOT-4 goes in?

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Bob Rentfro wrote:
So...tonight I had an 18-wheeler pull right out in front of me. I was cooking along about 40mph or so. I was able to evade him while sliding to a stop inches from one of those 10" high curbs and several feet away from a lady in a little Saturn (who was covering her face waiting for the impact). The trucker drove did I. The next few times I applied the brakes they felt like they were wet (know what I mean?). Fluid level is SAT and nothing is leaking so far as I can tell. the spot on this anything?

Old brake fluid or DOT 3 fluid more than a year old can cause what's
happened to you. Current approved fluids are DOT-4 rated. I use
Valvoline synthetic (NOT silicone) that exceeds both DOT 3 & 4 ratings.
There are other DOT 4 fluids available, but most of them cost more than
the Valvoline and their specs are no better. Some of the colored ones
can make flushing marginally easier.

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