On Friday, January 27, 2006, at 04:52 PM, Peter T. Arnold wrote:

Last fall my sunroof got stuck.  My trusted Indy said it needed to
{redesigned} Angles as on  was broken and they should be swapped as a
set.  Price was about $425 for parts and $400 for labor.

Anyone here BTDT?  I need to do this before my scheduled repaint.  I'm
thinking that the groups collective wisdom is that even skilled
doityourselfers should not attempt this.

Car started in reverse again this morning, I fixed it by moving the
stick thingy on the floor to "D".

The only thing that I would consider touchy, is if you have to replace the cable's guide tube, which would require headliner removal. I have done a few tube replacements. They were all broken at the point where the mounting bracket is welded to the tube just forward of the rear window. The rest takes some time and care but they're relatively mechanic friendly.

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