Need to change the oil in the 1997 S420.
Already have driven it almost 500 miles with who knows what in the sump, probably 5w30 dino oil.

Made the trip to WallyWorld, home of the cheap Mobil 1, and found:

0W40 Euro car formula $24/5qt IIRC, this is the stuff that many 60x diesel owners have reported makes increased valve train noise. I only use it in my M112 because it's required there.

10W40 high mileage car formula $24/5qt. I bought this, but I'm not sure about the "helps seal oil leaks" part. Does it have seal swelling additives that would decrease seal life?

20W50 standard formula $24/5qt. I thought it might be a bit thick for year round use in a M119.

5W40 Turbo Diesel Truck $27/4 qt. This is probably the best M119 oil they had in stock, but I was not thrilled with the price.

What do you guys think I should do?



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