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> > The emergency flashers worked for awhile and then quit, too.
> You replace the fuse lately?  A bit of deoxit on the fuse
> contacts isn't a bad idea.

I took this hint and found the fuse was good and the other things on the
same circuit (#1), the right-side tail and parking lights, worked just
fine. So I ran the emergency flashers until they quit and then
disassembled the console and pulled the cover off the flasher module. It
has a couple of transistors, a diode, a few resistors, and a relay. The
relay coil was hot enough to burn myself on.

One time, I saw a small wisp of smoke, but not enough to locate the
source. After turning it off and waiting a while, when I turned it back
on the relay operated normally. I never saw any more smoke.

When the relay would stop operating, I could press on the armature to
close the Normally Open contacts and the appropriate lights would come
on, so it's not a problem of dirty switch contacts or wiring problems.

I suspect that the resistance of the coil goes up enough when it's hot
that there isn't enough current flowing to pull the armature in.

The flasher module has Mercedes part number 000 821 09 63.

I have found it at:

        - autohausAZ
        - Pelican Parts
        - Amazon
        - RMeuropean

I have the choice of manufacturers:

        - Kaehler (KAE) [autohausAZ and RMeuropean]
        - Wehrle [Pelican Parts, which says Wehrle is better than KAE]

Anyone have any opinions on manufacturer or vendor?



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