Maybe I'm a fool to still use Outlook (or any Office product) but I thought
I'd share a recent experience.  


The Outlook version on my notebook PC was experiencing frequent, long delays
(Outlook not responding).  The fix was to generate a new profile from
scratch via the Control Panel.  The main lesson-learned is to make a backup
copy of that new profile (via the Control Panel) while it is still clean and
uncorrupted.  Next time the working copy gets corrupted, just delete it and
copy from that clean backup (vs building it from scratch).  


Also, I made a text document on my NAS with all the settings needed to build
a profile from scratch.  You can copy and paste from that document into the
profile-builder form but you need to use Ctrl-V to paste because right-click
won't produce a drop-down menu in those forms.




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