I think this tractor is one of the best things since sliced bread. Today at old okie acres I used it to load up a HUGE tree that blew down that I cut up. Later at home I used it to move 124 around. While the FEL wont lift the front of a 124 off the ground, it will lift it up enough then I can push it to where I want. I managed to screw up the already broken front bumper air dam a little more with the front bucket. So I am now thinking about buying some bucket forks which I could use to load engines that I am fixing to start moving, and when moving cars can get the forks up under front of the car and lift.

I am looking at these clamp on type like this which are cheap:


But thinking I should pony up more money and get this setup, which the bucket detaches from the FEL and you attach this, looks like it would work a lot better



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