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How about the rear diff PM...
I noticed that it is seeping a tad and since it's in dry lay up until I get the caliper rebuild parts from Rusty perhaps I should service the critter.
What must I do?

Bob Rentfro
'77 300D 148K

You'll need a 19mm allen. Make sure the fill plug can be removed prior to draining it. I use synthetic gear lube, Mobil 1 and Amsoil . Again, they flow much better in the serious cold. I can tell the difference between conventional gear lubes and the sytnthetic by how fast my car rolls down this big hill by my house. I test products in the Frozen White North, mostly because that's where I live. Although some of my methods may not seem too scientific the results tell me what I need to know. As I have mentioned before, I have a black belt in driving diesels in extreme cold temperatures. Synthetic lubricants make it much better.

Johnny B.
I Mac Therefore I am

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