I agree. And Normally I have the right tool for the job or go get one.

But in a pinch I've had to improvise.

Russ W.

John Berryman wrote:

On Monday, January 30, 2006, at 07:23 PM, Russ Williams wrote:

Johnny B.

I've done it with a 14mm headed bolt but forgo the nuts they will back off
under the torque required to break the plugs loose. I found a good ole
pipe wrench works the best for removal. Then use the nuts on the bolt with
a socket to tighten the plug back up.

Russ W.

If that's all you have and it works, you're ahead of the game. Having been a mechanic for over 30 years, I'm pretty well equipped. Punching iron is not one of my favorite pastimes. I'd rather use the right tool for the job and avoid all the excitement.

Johnny B.
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