I wonder just what that "high strength steel" really is. I thought that
chrome moly 4130 was high strength steel, and I weld it all the time (with

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> You can't (or supposedly can't, I've never tried) gas weld high strength
> steel from about 1980 on. You could braze it I suppose.
> Honestly Karl its all about Clay starting with a junk welder and not
> listening to any of the advice he's been given, he's making this as hard
> for himself as possible. I've got a Lincoln Handy Mig and it can stick good
> clean 18ga metal together all day without blowing through.
> Try sticking it to the dubious crap that makes up an old car and things
> get interesting. The trick there is to cut back far enough to find really
> solid metal. Sometimes thats hard...
> -Curt

OK Don

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