No, it's not, as long as you fabricate the tool. I made mine out of a piece of 
scrap oak and it worked just fine.  A bit frightening when brandishing a big 
hammer with a piece of oak right next to a freshly painted finish.

That being said there are those out there who might not be inclined to do this, 
or unable to find the diagram of the tool in the W123 C&B manual.

The black rubber part is especially nasty, as if it gets the least bit 
distorted while handling it the metal core won't "grip" the anodized aluminum 
in the rain gutter.

I'm talking about the trim on a W123 wagon. Tough stuff to work with.


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> On Jun 19, 2015, at 2:58 PM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes 
> <> wrote:
> Sheesh Dan the rain gutter stuff ain't nothin to apply, you gotta make a tool 
> though. I took a small dowel and cut a groove in it that would force the trim 
> on and pinch it slightly. Then you take all dang day slowly wedging the whole 
> length of the trim on...
> -Curt


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