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What  rear diff lubricant was I told is the beat to put in after I make sure 
the  fill plug can be removed (14mm Johnny B) and I drain out the  old?

I use Mobil 1 gear oil in all my cars.  Yours will take 1 quart.   You can 
get 75W-90 at Autozone, for about 10 bucks a quart, and Mobil  has just 
a heavier synthetic which might be ideal for Phoenix,  90W-140 I think, but 
it is more expensive at about $15 a quart.
If you get the plastic can with the tapered tip lid, you can just cut  the 
tip off and squeeze the oil into the differential.  Roll the end of the  can as 
you go.  No oil pump needed!

Jim  Friesen
Phoenix AZ
79 300SD, 262 K miles 
98 ML 320, 140 K  miles

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