> > Rick Knoble wrote:
> > > ‎Does anyone know of a place that trouble shoots and repairs circuit 
> > > boards?
> > > Rick 
> >  _______________________________________
> > What is it out of? 
> GPS/Autopilot for a competition sailboat.
> > Does it have circuits on both sides of the board?
> Not mine, I don't know.
> > Have you looked to see if the ends of any of the capacitors are bulging?
> I did suggest that to the owner. I suggested he get a new or good used board
> and re-cap the old one for a spare. A used board is upwards of $600.
> Rick
> _______________________________________
If you can get the name, model, and serial number; I can send it to a friend 
who deals in marine equipment automation. He might know of a source or a shop 
that repairs them.


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