my 91 300D still has a hood release that will not do anything. The lever is attached to the lower dash next to the A Pillar. I have pulled, pushed and cursed at it will equal results. Nothing budges. Efforts to move the hood itself are just as frustrating. Neither side of the hood will lift even a little and the grill section does not budge at all. Efforts to push down also failed. The hood does not move in any direction - I put much of my 230#'s on each side and nothing seemed to move.

That latch mechanism seems completely frozen. There was no inkling of a problem in the past - I changed the fog light bulb approx 5 days ago and everything operated normally.

If I remove the lower engine cover will I be able to release the hood from below? I don't recall seeing the latch last time I was under the front end.

If all my efforts fail, would this be a job for a Indy or should I bite the bullet and take it to a dealer?

Thanks -
91 300D
78 240d

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