In trying to overcome some of the BS de jour, I took great pride (still do) in trying to use some common sense in every situation.


Thank you, Sir, for your common sense lent to the USAF for all those years.

It was exactly that: the ability of the common soldier/sailor/flier/Marine to draw on their depression era experience and cut through the BS and figure out new and better ways to accomplish the task at hand with the material on hand, that enabled us to win WWII. Without that element, we'd be sprechen Sie Deutsches, or saying Hai!

Most current merkuns don't understand how close we came to losing that war. While it is true that any invasion on mainland USA would have been very difficult, because of the armed and independent populace, we are seeing how the country can be destroyed from within. Whenever they find a way to disarm us, it is all over.

Had the axis powers taken over the RTW, Life here would be very different. Some valuable commodities during WWII were obtained from the axis sphere of influence without their knowledge. For example: Can you imagine a life in this country without rubber from say 1943 on? There is no rubber grown in the USA. We'd have invented synthetics from petro faster, but times would have been very difficult.

We have probably lost the opportunity to document all the field inventions from WWII, but there were many and some were key, like the wall busters invented in Normandy to allow tanks to break down and pass through the rock walls and hedgerows in the little fields.

A more recent example was done by a friend of mine. He and his dad bother were in the Navy, underwater. One time he was going on leave, and the skipper of another boat asked him to come aboard and fix something that had been problematic. Jim fixed it in a day or two, and the boat went on to perform admirably. Several months later Jim was called into the Admiral's office. He was asked how he figured out how to effect the repair on the boat he fixed. Jim informed the Admiral that he had never been assigned to that boat. The Admiral told Jim, "Cut the BS, We know you did it. You welded your initials on the job." So Jim 'fessed up, told the Admiral how he fixed it and why it worked. The Admiral used some sailor adjectives and told Jim that the Navy had spent Millions of $$$$$$$$ trying to solve that problem on all the boats of that class, and nobody could fix it but him. The same repair was done on all the boats of that class, and the problem was eliminated.

Jim has always been very creative, and so is his Dad. His dad can fix nearly anything, and Jim is an artist in metals.


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