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>  I vowed to return and do the  tour by myself, but have never returned.

The older Cub Scouts here (central NC) go annually, well worth the trip.  I
think we've aged out of the trip, at least until the baby is in Webelos.

To the original question, we tend to visit:
Myrtle Beach
NC Outer Banks / eastern forests

Savannah is a nice historic city, my wife and I go there on long weekends
without children. (Charleston has a similar reputation, but I've never
stayed in the city personally.) We always stay in the historic section of
Savannah, where it is easy to walk to various places / monuments /
squares.  It is heavily dependent on summer tourism so I don't know what is
closed in winter, but the displays should be up if you like walking and
touring.  I have been satisfied with my walking guidebook of Savannah,
though we did take a ghost tour one year that was fun.  Savannah is a
working port, so you can find anything you want in the city proper

Myrtle has a lot of stuff to "do" if you want to try different restaurants,
see shows, etc., and also sit on the beach.  We take the kids there most
Thanksgivings (and I usually wear a light jacket at most).  It is the Vegas
of SC, without the legal gambling but with an ocean.  Not my thing but the
wife and kids prefer it.  The ocean water is cool by November but
tolerable.  If you are a swimmer many hotels have indoor pools that use
filtered ocean water, so you can have the experience without the ick.

The Outer Banks are good if you like to explore nature.  Lots of fishing
and swimming (maybe not so much of the latter in winter).  There's a lot of
hiking - big forests on the mainland, too - if that appeals. You'd be
comfortable in a light jacket, but probably not without.  It is cheap to
visit the OB in winter, but you may have to bring in and prepare your own
food and drink as a lot of the businesses are closed.

Personally I would stay out of Florida, maybe bring along a functional but
dirty 140 to lure Penoff north.  Refugees from Florida have told me St. Aug
is decent, but as you go south you lose the Southern vibe and it gets nasty
fast.  That said if you want to swim in the ocean you may need to go there,
and if so I'm sorry...

In your shoes I'd probably go to Charleston for the company/ocean or
Savannah for the history, and I think you'll find it's pretty comfortable
in either.  Just wanted to present some alternatives that might make for
different kinds of trips.  Hope you have a great time!


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