The Panhandle has seasons, as does places as far south as Jacksonville.  That 
would eliminate Pensacola and Panama City.  These areas can have temperatures 
as low as the 30s and 40s in the winter months, so you wouldn’t be gaining much 
unless you’re coming from the Great White North.

I would suggest staying south of the Space Coast on the east coast and Crystal 
River on the west coast.  If you go Tampa/Orlando/Melbourne you’ll be in good 
shape temperature-wise, I think.


> On Aug 4, 2015, at 9:22 AM, Curly McLain via Mercedes <> 
> wrote:
> We are looking at places we might go to for a week next winter where it is 
> warm.  for those who are familiar with the east coast from SC to Central FL, 
> what are good places to go for people who don't hang out on goof courses?   
> One place we looked at is hilton head, but it does not seem to have much to 
> do that does not cost hundreds of dollars, or is more for summer weather.  
> Winter highs seem to be around 60 at HH,SC, so someplace like Destin  FL is 
> as good, closer and there is enough to do in the winter.  This makes Destin 
> or Panama City or pensacola more appealing.
> Are we missing something about SC?  St Augustine may be in the running.  To 
> hit 70º, it appears we have to go as far south as tampa, or further. Finding 
> short sleeve shirt weather has some appeal.
> SC has some appeal as none of us have ever been there.
> Savannah has some appeal.
> No interest in in dizzyzland.  Been to Cape Canaveral and Tampa.  Best thing 
> about tampa is the guava turnovers at the cuban restaurants. (Martha was in 
> IN at the time we were in Tampa)
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