You still got that car? I sure miss it.....a lot 

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> On Aug 15, 2015, at 8:40 PM, Curly McLain via Mercedes 
> <> wrote:
> SDL I got had been in some shop in arkieland.  german name etc, presumably 
> knew something about german cars.  The IP had apparently been replaced by one 
> that had been sprayed with a gold lacquer for identity.  It leaked like a 
> seive at the flange.  When I finally took it out and put in a new oring, I 
> found the pump was way out of time. The pump was already leaking at the 
> delivery valve orings shortly after I got the car, so the rebuilt pump is 
> somewhat suspect too. There is a post somewhere in these here archives about 
> the pump oring, leaking and way out of time.
> So yes, a bad oring and a loose nut or 3 on the IP flange can result in big 
> oil puddles.
>> On Thu, Aug 13, 2015 at 7:55 PM, Jim Cathey via Mercedes <
>>> wrote:
>>> Dude!  Way better to be sure _before_ you get out the wrenches!
>> No truer words were ever spoken.
>> After lunch it was time, so I started gathering up the tools, parts, etc.
>> I couldn't find the crankshaft lock!
>> I spent about three hours in the garage, looking in all the places that I
>> might have put it, and finally gave up looking.  The garage is much cleaner
>> now, and I found a few other things I was looking for, but the lock is MIA.
>> I decided that with the limited amount of time I had left, I could at least
>> clean off the front of the engine and positively identify the leak.  After
>> I removed the cooling fan and shroud, I used brake cleaner to clean around
>> the crankshaft and the vacuum pump and the front of the engine in general.
>> Ran the car for about ten minutes, observed and felt around the front, and
>> could find no leaks. Hmmm.  Started the car again, and cleaned off more of
>> the oily mess on the left side of the engine (injection pump side) and
>> immediately found a steady drip drip drip.  Shut off the engine and started
>> looking and feeling for what could be the source under the injection pump,
>> and touched one of the three injection pump flange nuts and found it finger
>> tight!  Ah hah!
>> I just had time to torque the three bolts to spec (20-25 Nm) and run the
>> engine a bit.  That is not really a fair test, so tomorrow I'm going to
>> take the car to the car wash and clean off the engine properly, and see if
>> the leak was just the injection pump all along.  Hard to imagine that all
>> the oil was migrating forward from the injection pump flange,  I'm still
>> suspicious of the crankshaft seal.
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