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> Dude!  Way better to be sure _before_ you get out the wrenches!

No truer words were ever spoken.

After lunch it was time, so I started gathering up the tools, parts, etc.
I couldn't find the crankshaft lock!

I spent about three hours in the garage, looking in all the places that I
might have put it, and finally gave up looking.  The garage is much cleaner
now, and I found a few other things I was looking for, but the lock is MIA.

I decided that with the limited amount of time I had left, I could at least
clean off the front of the engine and positively identify the leak.  After
I removed the cooling fan and shroud, I used brake cleaner to clean around
the crankshaft and the vacuum pump and the front of the engine in general.
Ran the car for about ten minutes, observed and felt around the front, and
could find no leaks. Hmmm.  Started the car again, and cleaned off more of
the oily mess on the left side of the engine (injection pump side) and
immediately found a steady drip drip drip.  Shut off the engine and started
looking and feeling for what could be the source under the injection pump,
and touched one of the three injection pump flange nuts and found it finger
tight!  Ah hah!

I just had time to torque the three bolts to spec (20-25 Nm) and run the
engine a bit.  That is not really a fair test, so tomorrow I'm going to
take the car to the car wash and clean off the engine properly, and see if
the leak was just the injection pump all along.  Hard to imagine that all
the oil was migrating forward from the injection pump flange,  I'm still
suspicious of the crankshaft seal.

Charleston SC

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