Wilton, Max.Henry V, at Agincourt, his rev-up-the-troops speech.Once more into 
the breach, dear friends, once more and fill up the gaps with our english dead. 
etc.Stamford is a lovely olde town in my birth county of Lincolnshire. Happy 
daze.Stamford Bridge, Yorkshire was the sight of a great battle, english vs 
norsemen.You can't set foot in the UK without stepping on some ones bones.St. 
Swithun (Swithin) was an high church leader before the Norman invasion. He 
seemed to prefer the common people to his peers and many "miracles" were 
observed after his death.Supposedly he wanted to be buried by the side of the 
road, so that people would walk over his grave and to let the rain from the 
eaves fall upon him. Needless to say this did not set too well with the later 
13th and 14th century churchmen and he was buried within the pale and inside 
the church. It rained hard the day his remains were moved and so it is said 
that if it rains July 15th or July 2nd (actual day) it will rain for 40 day
 s, if fair, the same.TMI,    I'm sure.Wilton. Watch out for them Inglish, 
they're everywhere.

Fred Moir.Lynn MA.Diesel preferred.

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> Where in England?  #1 grandson just spent 5 days or so with girlfriend and 
> her family in Stamford, UK.  'He's back in Paris now.
> Tell us about St. Swithin.
> BTW, my 7 greats grandfather, Mathew Strickland, immigrated from Cumbria, 
> England, to Isle of Wight Co., Virginia, directly across the James river 
> from Jamestown, in 1680; 'came ashore at Biltmore, MD.
> Wilton

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