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In 1990 when I shipped the escort (Diesel Content) it was the same from any port on the west coast, and based on weight/volume formula. I think the escort was around $1100. I chose Seattle, because I like it better and it was closer to WI where the car was.

So, the real question is "why did you leave Hawaii?"


I ask that daily each winter.

PRH is loko also, but outside of Oahu, their tentacles are fewer.

My company was making money, the parent company was losing money, their parent was nearly bust from losing money but they owned thousands of acres and the house i lived in. the middle company had a salary freeze. the parent of the parent almost doubled the rent on the house i lived in. That amounts to a drastic pay cut. So I left. There was no way to get ahead. But I could have survived probably, and been happy, but SWMBO did not take the rent hike well, or the skools.

I really liked driving the 200D around on the island. 60 miles to Hilo or 60 miles to Kailua. I tried to drive it up to the observatory at the summit of Mauna Kea, but it started getting warm at the 10,000 ft elevation area with 6 people aboard, so we turned around rather than risk the engine with another 3000 ft of elevation to go.

The escort went up the mountains to visit Herb Kane a few times. Herb created the jolly green giant back in the 50s and is a legend in HI. The 200D never visited Herb, but I suspect he would have liked it.


I have only been to Hawaii once - 3 years ago.
We stayed in Kona but did the bus tour around the island so I have been to Hilo, albeit briefly. We were there for my elder son's wedding. On Hawaii from Dec 27/12 to Jan 3/13 and then flew to Oahu and came left there about midnight on the 8th. Did not do a circle tour of Oahu which I wish we had. Beautiful place. Not sure what it would be like to live there all the time but might be willing to try it if I ever hit the big lottery! Going to go back this year in January and take the cruise that goes from island to island over a week and then spend a few more days in Honolulu before we come home.

My elder son and his wife did the observatory tour up the mountain.


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