I'm thinking that ridin da dog is the key. Mao got nowhere to be and plenty of time to get there, so the dog it is. Or the train like in the baggage car for the full experience.


On 10/16/16 6:39 PM, Max Dillon via Mercedes wrote:
This is like the puzzle with the fox, the chicken, and the bag of corn that you 
need to carry across the river in a canoe that can only carry one item plus you 
at a time.  The fox wants to eat the chicken who wants to eat the corn...

Clay drives the car to his son in the Dakotas, who drives him back west.  Mao 
rides the dog to get the car in the Dakotas, drives it to Curly, rides the dog 
back.  Curly adds the car to his caravan east for vacation, delivers the car to 
Floyd, who drives it down to Tampa, rides the dog back to Charleston.



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