That's worth a try (DeOxIt) but I'm skeptical that will work.  It's a very
simple system, just the magnetic pick-up sensor on the engine, the can
(tachometer amplifier) and the tachometer, and the wiring and a fuse.
Change all the fuses?  Check the grounds?  There is the big ground point
behind the instrument cluster on a 123?  Maybe a ground in the engine bay
for the amplifier?

$400 is a lot of clams to troubleshoot by replacing parts, so you may end
up trying a "new" tachometer first.  Maybe take apart the female receptacle
on the fender, and rig a test circuit to your spare tachometer
so you can test it first before pulling the instrument cluster?  You'll
need the wiring diagram, soldering gun and solder and solder sucker or
solder wick, and some wires and connectors to hook up the temporary
circuit.  I think the tach will want a wire for power, a ground wire, and a
signal wire from the amplifier.

Charleston SC

On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 1:06 PM, Andrew Strasfogel <>

> Oh that.  I have a spare "can" and neither works for more than a minute or
> two, which makes me think the contacts in the receptacle (female unit) need
> rejuvenating with Deoxit, or that the tach combination gauge is somehow at
> fault (I have several spare gauges but pulling the cluster and resetting in
> place it is a royal PIA).

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